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The title of my PhD Thesis is Free market communications. In many ways, the work I did during my PhD was a continuation of what I started during my MRes, which I also did at UCL.

This is the abstract from my Thesis, which I submitted at the end of August 2000, and which I successfully defended at my viva six weeks later...

My project was funded by Nortel at their Harlow Laboratories which are (strangely enough) in Harlow(!), Essex.

I was looking at using pricing as a means of actively controlling a network (eg. the Internet) user's behaviour, in order to manage overload, and as a basis for guaranteeing Quality of Service.

Issues that arise include:

During the course of my PhD research, I had a paper published in Electronic Letters. If you are interested, you can read the abstract here.
If you have got any comments or questions about my work, or my web pages, please fill out this response form.

Much of my work is potentially commercially sensitive, and other aspects might be patentable by Nortel, so I can't describe them here! However, one aspect that I can go into is that of proportional fairness.

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