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Some results from my PhD are described in the paper Application of free-market principles to telecoms resource allocation. This was published in the IEE's Electronic Letters - vol 35 no 4. If you are registered with them (it costs money, but if you're at a University or work for an electrical engineering related company, your site may already be registered), you can download the paper from: here. The paper is in acrobat pdf format.

If you don't have a suitable reader, follow this link: Get Acrobat Reader from


A communication network resource control algorithm that allocates bandwidth in a provably proportionally fair manner is described. This algorithm is believed to be more rapidly convergent and computationally straightforward than those based on utility optimisation methods for elastic broadband traffic described previously.

If you do not have access to the IEE online journals site above, but are interested in reading the paper, please complete my response form.
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